You Are Here

You Are Here

What’s in a logo? For us it is our reminder that you are here. We’re pretty normal people here at Coordinate Goods - that is, we get caught up in all the amazing stories of people we know or have heard of who are off changing and experiencing the world everywhere that we are not.

But we find more than a little consolation in the reminder that “you are here.” In each and every day, we have opportunities to make it better by going out of our own ways a little bit to change the trajectory of someone else’s day. We believe small things can turn into big things, and that we should do whatever we are inspired to do, just in case it turns out good.

That's why we started Coordinate Goods. It's a way to fund missions to make every day a little better, even in the smallest of ways. Our goal is to build a better product and support the craftspeople behind them, and use 25% of the sales to build a better community by making a real and immediate impact in the community. There's no partnership with a charity or non-profit, and we're not chasing a tax break. It's a mission of people like you and us stepping into the lives of others in hopes of making their day a little better.

We're always on the lookout for partners to join in our mission, whether you're a maker with a heart to join this story, or someone who wants to help us make more good happen and has an idea about how $20 can help make someone's day a little better. If that's you, email us at  with what inspires you, and let's make more good happen.

Shout out to @tomjhowlett for the logo design and perpetual inspiration.

Making It Better

Making It Better

At Coordinate Goods, our purpose is to make it better. It’s a response to an opportunity to live life a little better, to take a chance on embracing creativity, craft, and community. Coordinate Goods is a collection of elevated classics - gear for your day, made by hands and crafted from better materials.

We make it better by making our products better, using time tested techniques and better materials.

We make it better by making our communities better, by giving away 25% of our sales.

We partner with people like you, using our sales to fund generosity, doing something that might change the trajectory of someone else’s day. What we do is limited only by our imaginations. Each of our products is marked with the coordinates of a place where one of these acts of generosity has taken place. We’re relying on people just like you to take a portion of our sales and use it to make your community a better place – to coordinate good. We know that even the smallest act of generosity just might turn into something good. Shop now and email us at to connect, collaborate, and make more good happen.